How do I create a class roster import file?


Importing class roster allows an administrator to bulk assign students to classes. In order to successfully import a class roster into the system, you must have set up your instructors, students, and created the classes. This article will go through the steps required to create the actual class rosters import file.


  1. Log in to Christ In Us using your instructor or administrator account. The functionality described below may have been turned off for instructors by your administrator.
  2. Once logged in, you can access the Menu icon to view all the functionalities. This icon is available at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Go to Settings and then, select Manage Classes.

  4. In the Manage Classes screen, click Import Class Rosters for assigning students to classes. 

  5. Click the Download Class Roster Import Template link and save the file in your computer. Remember where you save the template file in your computer as you will need it. The file will be named CiuClassRosterImportTemplate.csv unless you change the name when saving the file in your computer.

  6. Open Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. Click File > Open from the menu within Microsoft Excel. 
  7. Select CiuClassRosterImportTemplate.csv from where you saved it on your computer. If you saved the file using a different name, then open the file you saved in Step 5.

  8. Once you have opened your template file, your screen should look similar to the one below. You can expand the widths of the columns in the spreadsheet. When you do, you will see (Required) and (Optional) indicators after the column names indicating which columns are required and which are optional. See the Import File Column Information at the end of this article for a list of the fields, descriptions, and acceptable values.

  9. You will need to add a row for each student you want to add to the class providing the required information in the spreadsheet.

  10. You should delete the two sample rows provided to avoid them causing an error when you import your class roster file.
  11. When you have added a row for each student in the class(es), then you should save your class import file by clicking File > Save As.
  12. You will want to change the filename so that you do not overwrite the template file you have downloaded. When saving you need to make sure the file format is CSV (Comma Separated Values).

  13. It is critical that you select the correct format, Comma Separated Values (.csv) when saving your file. Failure to do so will generate a file that will not be able to be processed by Christ In Us.

  14. You now have a class roster import file that is ready be uploaded to Christ In Us.

Import File Column Information

  • Column A - Instructor User Name (Required):  This must be the user name of the instructor loaded into the system.  
  • Column B - Class Name (Required):  This must be a class that has already been created for the specified instructor in Column A.
  • Column C - School PID (Optional - District Only):  Do not place a value in this field.
  • Column D - Student User Name (Required):  This must be the username of the student you want to add to the specified instructor's class. The student username is the one you setup when you created your student accounts.


  • You must not change the order of the fields provided in the template.
  • You must use the acceptable values for columns where a list of acceptable values is provided.
  • You must provide the required columns for each administrator included in the import file.